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We at Virja, are proud to offer lab grown diamond jewellery on the internet as well as a place where it is possible to buy gold Jewellery in India from anywhere anytime. Our carefully designed premium and luxury collections, which include lab-grown diamond jewellery is our way of giving only the best for your selection of fine jewelries. We have everything whether you're looking for a diamond ring, gold and diamond necklace, engagement rings or wedding rings this is made with gold and diamonds jewellery; you are set to make a statement indeed!

Cash/Bank Payment Accepted
A First in India: Virja's Free Jewellery Insurance
Cash/Bank Payment Accepted
A First in India: Virja's Free Jewellery Insurance
Cash/Bank Payment Accepted
A First in India: Virja's Free Jewellery Insurance

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Lab grown diamonds are identical to earth mined diamonds in every way, except that they are grown in a lab.

1 CARAT of Lab Grown Diamond can SAVE

109 Gallons of WATER
250 Tonnes of LAND
50% of your MONEY


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Virja's Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Explore Virja lab-grown diamonds's timeless beauty and modern ethics. Each Virja diamond shines with both a symbol of luxury and brilliance bred from three generations. Lab-grown diamonds offer the same fire, transparentness, and clarity as a mined diamond, but without any of its environmental or ethical issues. Discover our wonderful collections. Find out all about a brand founded on confidence, frankness, and your ultimate satisfaction.

Virja's Reason For Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Get into the world of dazzling quality and green luxury that is lab-grown diamonds. The exact conditions inside a mine, which produce such stunning gems. Have been mimicked in a completely controlled environment and then these results--diamonds that are the equal of those mined around the world chemically or visually--have been reached. With a fundamentally different encironment than deep-mined diamonds,Why? Virja is dedicated to windin up the process and ensuring that you can wear your diamond jewelry proudly,s with both beauty an expression for responsibility.

Virja Lab-growth Diamond Jewelry Highlights

Why Choose lab-grown diamond jewelry from Virja?


When you buy a zero-violently because natural diamonds this way of buying into the story behind them will become alive again.

Superb value:

Aspiring jewellery connoisseurs and investors seek a piece that is both possible price within budget and most diamonds--for the same investment-- for pure appearance.

You can rest assured your Virja diamonds have been created responsibly so that each unique piece tells a beautiful story from its natural history.

Virja continues the success of three generations of jewellers, based on quality, honesty and going the extra mile for our clients. The legacy is solid and strong. Virja lab-grown diamond jewelry inherits the tradition, giving you classic pieces with our same quality:

Certified Quality:

When you buy a lab-grown diamond from Virja, it comes complete with certification from IGI or GIA. These certifications cover the quality, cut details and clarity of diamonds--safeguards against any cheating at all with your money or trust.

Gold with Certification:

Every piece in our gold range is certified as genuine and an instruction for getting the best deal there is, guaranteed without any doubts in quality or its price.

Jewelry Insurance:

All Virja products include a piece of mind from jewelry insurance--at no added cost.

Customer Care:

We commit to return, replace within 15 days for our customers----just so you know that every time you choose an item it's going to be to the value you thought it would be.

Discover Your Perfect Virja Diamond Jewelry

From timeless solitaires and engagement rings to stunning diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles, Virja presents a stunning line of lab-grown diamond jewelry for any style or occasion.

Our Collections:

Browse our current collections, each one put together on the basis of classic designs combined with contemporary twists. They offer an appealing vista into the world of lab-grown diamond pendants and rings.


If you can't find what you're looking for, have our expert team help design your dream piece. Although it may be a diamond ring to end all diamond rings or a unique pendant especially crafted for one person only, we will steer you through every step of creating it.

Opinion and Backing:

Need assistance in selecting diamonds? Our helpful people are here, ready to offer advice on what suits you best and ensure that not only do you purchase something totally in harmony with yourself but also of the very highest quality.

Explore the compelling selections of our products, experience of the beauty of lab-grown diamonds and feel for yourself the way generations will feel that trust will not be forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that possess the physical and chemical characteristics as naturally mined ones. They are manufactured in a controlled laboratory setting using technology to simulate the heat and pressure found deep within the Earths crust. The diamonds produced are nearly identical, to those extracted from miles below the surface making them challenging to differentiate with the eye or sophisticated equipment used by jewelers.

Are lab grown diamonds considered diamonds?

Certainly lab grown diamonds qualify as diamonds. They exhibit brilliance, fire, sparkle and durability to their mined counterparts; the only distinction lies in their source of origin. While laboratory grown diamonds are artificially created mined diamonds are sourced from natures materials.

Do lab grown diamond pieces hold resale value?

The secondary market for lab grown diamonds is relatively new and evolving. In contrast to mined diamonds that have a established history of appreciating in worth the resale value of lab grown diamonds is still being determined. Nevertheless with the market expanding it is anticipated that the resale value of lab created diamond jewelry will increase over time. This presents a moment, for investing in lab grown diamond jewelry by virja.

Are the lab created diamonds certified?

Yes Virjas lab grown diamonds have certification, from gemological institutions such as The International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These certificates guarantee the quality, cut, clarity, color and carat weight of each diamond.

What advantages come with purchasing lab grown diamond jewelry?

There are benefits to choosing lab grown diamond jewelry at Virja.

Ethical and Sustainable; Lab grown diamonds provide an sustainable option compared to mined diamonds. They eliminate the impacts associated with diamond mining. Avoid the social issues often linked to mining activities.

Conflict Free; Rest assured that your Virja lab grown diamond jewelry is environmentally friendly unlike stones sourced from conflict zones.

Affordability; Lab created diamonds are typically priced 30 40 percent lower than diamonds of quality. This affordability makes owning a piece of diamond jewelry accessible.

Environmental Responsibility; The process of creating lab grown diamonds has a environmental impact, than traditional diamond mining methods.

Why should you consider purchasing diamond jewelry from Virja ?

Here are four compelling reasons why choosing Virja for lab grown diamond jewelry is the choice;

Unique Design and Expert Craftsmanship; Virja showcases a range of exquisite diamond jewelry meticulously crafted with high quality materials and attention to detail every single time.

Ethical Sourcing and Transparency; Virja goes beyond being a brand; it's a commitment, to practices. The company ensures sourcing of all its products across the supply chain.

Great Value for Money; With priced lab grown diamond jewelry Virja offers value for your investment.

Convenient Online Shopping Experience; Browse through a selection of jewelry from the comfort of your home on Virja's website.

Outstanding Customer Support; Count on our customer service team to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

How Can I Verify the Authenticity of a Diamond?

Every diamond purchased from Virja comes with certification from independent gem testing labs like IGI or GIA. These certifications provide information, on the diamonds characteristics ensuring its authenticity. Feel free to request verification documentation for any diamond you buy from Virja.

Which Crystal Shape Offers Cost Savings?

It really comes down to your preference when choosing a diamond shape. Round diamonds are commonly chosen and tend to be the expensive, per carat while princess, emerald pear shaped stones and ovals offer a more budget friendly option. Ultimately the ideal diamond shape for you is a matter of your taste and style.

As for Virja having a store in India.

Currently Virja does not have a brick and mortar storefront. Our online platform offers access, to our collection of lab created diamonds. Each piece comes with descriptions, high quality images and certification to help you make a decision when making a purchase.

If you need clarification before making a purchase feel free to reach out to us via email with your times for a meeting. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide assistance online. We look forward to connecting with you and addressing all your inquiries.